giovedì 5 agosto 2010

Cartolina finale e indicazioni progetto

Nel retro ho inserito le modalità del progetto:

You have received this postcard because you make part of the mail art network. You take part as desires on the postcard (also in the space already used). You reproduce the completed image and sendes it to the email:
Ransom the postcard on the outlined line and you send the part to me with my address. You will be able to see your job and that one of the others networker in the web gallery:

Hai ricevuto questa cartolina perchè fai parte del network della mail art. Intervieni come desideri sulla cartolina (anche nello spazio già utilizzato). Riproduci l’immagine per intero e inviala all’email:
Taglia la cartolina sulla linea tratteggiata e spediscimi la parte con il mio indirizzo prestampato. Potrai vedere il tuo lavoro e quello degli altri networker nella galleria web:

Thanks / Grazie
Claudio Romeo

Collage di base

Successivamente sono stati aggiunti degli elementi "pittorici" e "grafici".

Preparazione progetto /4


share1 [ʃɛəʳ]
A. N
1. (= portion) → parte f, porción f
a share of or in the profitsuna proporción de las ganancias
how much will my share be?¿cuánto me corresponderá a mí?
your share is £5te tocan 5 libras
to do one's (fair) share (of sth)hacer lo que a uno le toca or corresponde(de algo)
he doesn't do his shareno hace todo lo que debiera, no hace todo lo que le toca or corresponde
to have a share in sthparticipar en algo
we've had our share of misfortuneshemos sufrido bastante infortunio, hemos sufrido lo nuestro
market sharecuota f del mercado
to take a share in doing sthhacer su parte en algo
the lion's sharela parte del león
2. (Fin) → acción f
1. (= split, divide) [+ resource, benefit] → repartir, dividir, partir
would you like to share the bottle with me?¿quieres compartir la botella conmigo?
a shared roomuna habitación compartida
2. (= accept equally) [+ duty, responsibility, task] → compartir, corresponsabilizarse de
to share the blame [one person] → aceptar su parte de culpa; [more than one person] → corresponsabilizarse de la culpa
3. (= have in common) [+ characteristic, quality] → compartir, tener en común; [+ experience, opinion] → compartir
two nations who share a common languagedos naciones que tienen en común or comparten la misma lengua
I do not share that viewno comparto ese criterio
4. (= tell, relate) [+ piece of news, thought] → contar, compartir, hacer partícipe de(frm) (with a) it can be beneficial to share your feelings with someone you trustpuede resultar beneficioso compartir or contar tus sentimientos a alguien de confianza
C. VIcompartir (with con) I share with three other women (room, flat, etc) → vivo con otras tres mujeres
to share in sthparticipar en algo
share and share aliketodos por igual
D. CPD share capital Ncapital m social en acciones
share certificate N(certificado m or título m de una) acción f
share index Níndice m de la Bolsa
share issue Nemisión f de acciones
share offer Noferta f de acciones
share option N plan de compra de acciones de una empresa por sus empleados (a precios ventajosos)
share premium Nprima f de emisión
share price Nprecio m de las acciones
share out VT + ADVrepartir, distribuir

share2 [ʃɛəʳ] N (Agr) (= ploughshare) → reja f
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1971, 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005

share [ˈʃɛər]
(= part, portion) → part f
one's share of sth → sa part de qch
She pays her share of the bills → Elle paie sa part des dépenses du ménage.
a share in sth → une part de qch
He is claiming a share in her fortune → Il réclame une part de sa fortune.
to pay one's share → payer sa part
Everybody pays their share → Tout le monde paie sa part.
to do one's share → faire sa part
to have had one's share of sth → avoir eu sa part de qch
I have had more than my share of adventures → J'ai eu ma part d'aventures.
(FINANCE)action f
They've got shares in British Gas → Ils ont des actions de British Gas.
modif (FINANCE) [trading, dealing] → d'actions; [value] → des actions share earnings, share offer, share ownership, share price
(= have or use at the same time) [+ house, room, taxi, table, prize, resources] → partager
to share a room with sb → partager une chambre avec qn
(= divide) [+ food, cost, money, work, responsibility] → partager
Share the sweets between the children → Partage les bonbons entre les enfants.
(= have in common) [+ quality, characteristic] → avoir en commun; [+ experience, interest, opinion] → partager
The two countries share many characteristics → Les deux pays ont de nombreuses caractéristiques en commun., Les deux pays ont de nombreuses caractéristiques communes.
(= let sb use or have) [+ information, sweets, toys] → partager
(= tell) [+ feelings, thoughts] → partager
to share in sth [+ joy, sorrow] → prendre part à qch; [+ profits] → participer à qch, avoir part à qch
share out
vt seppartager
to share sth out among → partager qch entre
They shared the sweets out among the children → Ils ont partagé les bonbons entre les enfants.
to share sth out between → partager qch entre
share capital ncapital m social
share certificate ncertificat m d'action, titre m d'action
Collins English/French Electronic Resource. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005

share broker
n (esp Brit) → Effekten- or Börsenmakler(in) m(f)
share capital
nAktienkapital nt
share certificate
nAktienzertifikat nt
n (US Agr) → (Farm)pächter(in) m(f) (der/die Pacht in Form eines Ernteanteils zahlt)
nAktionär(in) m(f)
nBeteiligung f; shareholders’ meetingAktionärsversammlung f
share index
nAktienindex m
share issue
n (St Ex) → Aktienemission f
share option
nAktienoption f
nVerteilung f; (St Ex) → (Dividenden)ausschüttung f

(= portion)Anteil m (→ in or of an +dat); we want fair shares for allwir wollen, dass gerecht geteilt wird; I want my fair shareich will meinen (An)teil, ich will, was mir zusteht; he didn’t get his fair shareer ist zu kurz gekommen; I’ve had more than my fair share of bad luckich habe mehr (als mein Teil an) Pech gehabt; I’ll give you a share in the profitsich beteilige Sie am Gewinn; in equal shareszu gleichen Teilen; your share is £5du bekommst £ 5, du musst £ 5 bezahlen; how much is my share?wie groß ist mein Anteil?; he came in for his full share of criticismer hat sein Teil an Kritik abbekommen; to fall to somebody’s share (liter)jdm zufallen (liter); to go shares (inf)teilen; to bear one’s share of the costseinen Anteil an den Kosten tragen; to take one’s share of the proceedssich (dat)seinen Anteil am Gewinn nehmen; to take one’s share of the blamesich mitschuldig erklären; to pay one’s shareseinen (An)teil bezahlen; to do one’s sharesein(en) Teil or das Seine tun or beitragen; to have a share in somethingan etw (dat)beteiligt sein; I had no share in thatdamit hatte ich nichts zu tun
(Fin, general) → (Geschäfts)anteil m; (in a public limited company) → Aktie f; to hold shares in a company(Geschäfts)anteile pl/Aktien pleines Unternehmens besitzen
(= divide)teilen; (= have in common also)gemeinsam haben; responsibilitygemeinsam tragen; we share the same birthdaywir haben am gleichen Tag Geburtstag; they share a roomsie teilen ein Zimmer, sie haben ein gemeinsames Zimmer; I do not share that viewdiese Ansicht teile ich nicht
(Comput) filegemeinsam nutzen; (in network) → freigeben
teilen; there was only one room free so we had to sharees gab nur noch ein freies Zimmer, also mussten wir es uns teilen; children have to learn to shareKinder müssen lernen, mit anderen zu teilen; to share and share alike(brüderlich) mit (den) anderen teilen
to share in somethingsich an etw (dat)beteiligen; in profitan etw (dat)beteiligt werden; in enthusiasmetw teilen; in success, sorrowan etw (dat)Anteil nehmen

n (Agr) → (Pflug)schar f
Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2007

share [ʃɛəʳ]
1. n
a.parte f
to have a share in the profits → partecipare agli utili
to have a share in sth → aver parte in qc
he has a 50% share in a new business venture → è socio al 50% in una nuova impresa commerciale
he had a share in it (fig) → c'è entrato anche lui
to take a share in sth → partecipare a qc
fair shares for all → parti giuste or uguali per tutti
she's had more than her (fair) share of suffering → ha avuto la sua buona dose di sofferenze
the minister came in for his share of criticism → il ministro ha avuto la sua parte di critiche
to do one's (fair) share → fare la propria parte
b. (Fin) → azione f, titolo
he has 500 shares in an oil company → possiede 500 azioni di una compagnia di petrolio
ordinary/preference shares → azioni ordinarie/privilegiate
2. vt
a. (also share out) → spartirsi
to share (out) among or between → dividere tra
the thieves shared (out) the money → i ladri si sono spartiti i soldi
b. (use jointly) to share (with)dividere (con)
shall we share the last bottle of wine? → ci beviamo insieme l'ultima bottiglia di vino?
shared line (Telec) → duplex m inv
c. (fig) (have in common) → condividere, avere in comune
she shares his love of gardening → hanno in comune la passione del giardinaggio
3. vi children must learn to sharei bambini devono imparare a dividere ciò che hanno
share and share alike → un po' per uno non fa male a nessuno
to share in (gen) → partecipare a (blame) → prendersi la propria parte di
Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995

Preparazione progetto /3

Da dizionario inglese WEB

share 1 (shâr)
1. A part or portion belonging to, distributed to, contributed by, or owed by a person or group.
2. An equitable portion: do one's share of the work.
3. Any of the equal parts into which the capital stock of a corporation or company is divided.
v. shared, shar·ing, shares
1. To divide and parcel out in shares; apportion.
2. To participate in, use, enjoy, or experience jointly or in turns.
3. To relate (a secret or experience, for example) to another or others.
4. To accord a share in (something) to another or others: shared her chocolate bar with a friend.
1. To have a share or part: shared in the profits.
2. To allow someone to use or enjoy something that one possesses: Being in daycare taught the child to share.
3. To use or enjoy something jointly or in turns: There is only one computer, so we will have to share.
go shares
To be concerned or partake equally or jointly, as in a business venture.

[Middle English, from Old English scearu, division; see sker-1 in Indo-European roots.]