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share1 [ʃɛəʳ]
A. N
1. (= portion) → parte f, porción f
a share of or in the profitsuna proporción de las ganancias
how much will my share be?¿cuánto me corresponderá a mí?
your share is £5te tocan 5 libras
to do one's (fair) share (of sth)hacer lo que a uno le toca or corresponde(de algo)
he doesn't do his shareno hace todo lo que debiera, no hace todo lo que le toca or corresponde
to have a share in sthparticipar en algo
we've had our share of misfortuneshemos sufrido bastante infortunio, hemos sufrido lo nuestro
market sharecuota f del mercado
to take a share in doing sthhacer su parte en algo
the lion's sharela parte del león
2. (Fin) → acción f
1. (= split, divide) [+ resource, benefit] → repartir, dividir, partir
would you like to share the bottle with me?¿quieres compartir la botella conmigo?
a shared roomuna habitación compartida
2. (= accept equally) [+ duty, responsibility, task] → compartir, corresponsabilizarse de
to share the blame [one person] → aceptar su parte de culpa; [more than one person] → corresponsabilizarse de la culpa
3. (= have in common) [+ characteristic, quality] → compartir, tener en común; [+ experience, opinion] → compartir
two nations who share a common languagedos naciones que tienen en común or comparten la misma lengua
I do not share that viewno comparto ese criterio
4. (= tell, relate) [+ piece of news, thought] → contar, compartir, hacer partícipe de(frm) (with a) it can be beneficial to share your feelings with someone you trustpuede resultar beneficioso compartir or contar tus sentimientos a alguien de confianza
C. VIcompartir (with con) I share with three other women (room, flat, etc) → vivo con otras tres mujeres
to share in sthparticipar en algo
share and share aliketodos por igual
D. CPD share capital Ncapital m social en acciones
share certificate N(certificado m or título m de una) acción f
share index Níndice m de la Bolsa
share issue Nemisión f de acciones
share offer Noferta f de acciones
share option N plan de compra de acciones de una empresa por sus empleados (a precios ventajosos)
share premium Nprima f de emisión
share price Nprecio m de las acciones
share out VT + ADVrepartir, distribuir

share2 [ʃɛəʳ] N (Agr) (= ploughshare) → reja f
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share [ˈʃɛər]
(= part, portion) → part f
one's share of sth → sa part de qch
She pays her share of the bills → Elle paie sa part des dépenses du ménage.
a share in sth → une part de qch
He is claiming a share in her fortune → Il réclame une part de sa fortune.
to pay one's share → payer sa part
Everybody pays their share → Tout le monde paie sa part.
to do one's share → faire sa part
to have had one's share of sth → avoir eu sa part de qch
I have had more than my share of adventures → J'ai eu ma part d'aventures.
(FINANCE)action f
They've got shares in British Gas → Ils ont des actions de British Gas.
modif (FINANCE) [trading, dealing] → d'actions; [value] → des actions share earnings, share offer, share ownership, share price
(= have or use at the same time) [+ house, room, taxi, table, prize, resources] → partager
to share a room with sb → partager une chambre avec qn
(= divide) [+ food, cost, money, work, responsibility] → partager
Share the sweets between the children → Partage les bonbons entre les enfants.
(= have in common) [+ quality, characteristic] → avoir en commun; [+ experience, interest, opinion] → partager
The two countries share many characteristics → Les deux pays ont de nombreuses caractéristiques en commun., Les deux pays ont de nombreuses caractéristiques communes.
(= let sb use or have) [+ information, sweets, toys] → partager
(= tell) [+ feelings, thoughts] → partager
to share in sth [+ joy, sorrow] → prendre part à qch; [+ profits] → participer à qch, avoir part à qch
share out
vt seppartager
to share sth out among → partager qch entre
They shared the sweets out among the children → Ils ont partagé les bonbons entre les enfants.
to share sth out between → partager qch entre
share capital ncapital m social
share certificate ncertificat m d'action, titre m d'action
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share broker
n (esp Brit) → Effekten- or Börsenmakler(in) m(f)
share capital
nAktienkapital nt
share certificate
nAktienzertifikat nt
n (US Agr) → (Farm)pächter(in) m(f) (der/die Pacht in Form eines Ernteanteils zahlt)
nAktionär(in) m(f)
nBeteiligung f; shareholders’ meetingAktionärsversammlung f
share index
nAktienindex m
share issue
n (St Ex) → Aktienemission f
share option
nAktienoption f
nVerteilung f; (St Ex) → (Dividenden)ausschüttung f

(= portion)Anteil m (→ in or of an +dat); we want fair shares for allwir wollen, dass gerecht geteilt wird; I want my fair shareich will meinen (An)teil, ich will, was mir zusteht; he didn’t get his fair shareer ist zu kurz gekommen; I’ve had more than my fair share of bad luckich habe mehr (als mein Teil an) Pech gehabt; I’ll give you a share in the profitsich beteilige Sie am Gewinn; in equal shareszu gleichen Teilen; your share is £5du bekommst £ 5, du musst £ 5 bezahlen; how much is my share?wie groß ist mein Anteil?; he came in for his full share of criticismer hat sein Teil an Kritik abbekommen; to fall to somebody’s share (liter)jdm zufallen (liter); to go shares (inf)teilen; to bear one’s share of the costseinen Anteil an den Kosten tragen; to take one’s share of the proceedssich (dat)seinen Anteil am Gewinn nehmen; to take one’s share of the blamesich mitschuldig erklären; to pay one’s shareseinen (An)teil bezahlen; to do one’s sharesein(en) Teil or das Seine tun or beitragen; to have a share in somethingan etw (dat)beteiligt sein; I had no share in thatdamit hatte ich nichts zu tun
(Fin, general) → (Geschäfts)anteil m; (in a public limited company) → Aktie f; to hold shares in a company(Geschäfts)anteile pl/Aktien pleines Unternehmens besitzen
(= divide)teilen; (= have in common also)gemeinsam haben; responsibilitygemeinsam tragen; we share the same birthdaywir haben am gleichen Tag Geburtstag; they share a roomsie teilen ein Zimmer, sie haben ein gemeinsames Zimmer; I do not share that viewdiese Ansicht teile ich nicht
(Comput) filegemeinsam nutzen; (in network) → freigeben
teilen; there was only one room free so we had to sharees gab nur noch ein freies Zimmer, also mussten wir es uns teilen; children have to learn to shareKinder müssen lernen, mit anderen zu teilen; to share and share alike(brüderlich) mit (den) anderen teilen
to share in somethingsich an etw (dat)beteiligen; in profitan etw (dat)beteiligt werden; in enthusiasmetw teilen; in success, sorrowan etw (dat)Anteil nehmen

n (Agr) → (Pflug)schar f
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share [ʃɛəʳ]
1. n
a.parte f
to have a share in the profits → partecipare agli utili
to have a share in sth → aver parte in qc
he has a 50% share in a new business venture → è socio al 50% in una nuova impresa commerciale
he had a share in it (fig) → c'è entrato anche lui
to take a share in sth → partecipare a qc
fair shares for all → parti giuste or uguali per tutti
she's had more than her (fair) share of suffering → ha avuto la sua buona dose di sofferenze
the minister came in for his share of criticism → il ministro ha avuto la sua parte di critiche
to do one's (fair) share → fare la propria parte
b. (Fin) → azione f, titolo
he has 500 shares in an oil company → possiede 500 azioni di una compagnia di petrolio
ordinary/preference shares → azioni ordinarie/privilegiate
2. vt
a. (also share out) → spartirsi
to share (out) among or between → dividere tra
the thieves shared (out) the money → i ladri si sono spartiti i soldi
b. (use jointly) to share (with)dividere (con)
shall we share the last bottle of wine? → ci beviamo insieme l'ultima bottiglia di vino?
shared line (Telec) → duplex m inv
c. (fig) (have in common) → condividere, avere in comune
she shares his love of gardening → hanno in comune la passione del giardinaggio
3. vi children must learn to sharei bambini devono imparare a dividere ciò che hanno
share and share alike → un po' per uno non fa male a nessuno
to share in (gen) → partecipare a (blame) → prendersi la propria parte di
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